New decade - Welcome to 2020

Here it is another January, time to plan our calendar and decide what activities we will do this year.... Any idea’s? Every year I like to try some thing new at Shoutout so let’s dive in to the new year.....

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AGM Notice

Date: 29th October 2021 Time: 19:00 hrs We'll look forward to your attendance, to confirm call 07850 666125 or register your interest on Shoutout Facebook page Notice posted for and behalf of the Tru


We have started 2021 like we ended 2020..... I know a lot of members are now getting their vaccines and most of our trustees and volunteers too have had their’s. We look forward to being able to meet

Lock down update!

This has been a difficult time, but we have learned to get around it❤️Zoom is our regular catch up place although through the summer we picnics in the park, crafted in the courtyard and had a takeaway