We have started 2021 like we ended 2020..... I know a lot of members are now getting their vaccines and most of our trustees and volunteers too have had their’s. We look forward to being able to meet up, not virtually but out in the open. We will be resuming our small group picnics in the local parks, where we hope to get some fresh air and exercise and maybe even have time for a quick craft activity. Moving on we will be back to regular Friday met up’s maybe not quite the same and we are considering having a roving Friday Shoutout.... more info to follow.

Charlie is busy looking at out in options with mini events like golf and tennis, and a trip to Twycross zoo on the horizon. Trustees have been working away in the background trying to get a little bit of money to support members, and we have received some company sponsorship also. Fingers crossed members will be given a chance to join a mini holiday in 2022 ... watch this space.

Take care stay safe, keep in touch. See you all soon

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