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Welcome to 2020….. What’s new ….

Visit the web site, this newsletter and all information will be posted on there as well as FB, please look at these on line portals for updates.

Trustees have had their heads together and we are now planning the 2020 trips, we are going to update booking system, all will be explained!

We have a specialist knitting volunteer coming along on some Friday nights so we can construct the Shoutout blanket and also help local hospital baby units with some baby hats!

I have also asked the Derwent Wood Turners if they will come in and teach some easy woodturning.

Member helpers is working out great with a number of members coming along to help set up and clear away we really thank them all join in if you want to!

Please speak to one of us if you have some idea of a new activity!





Alice is our resident signing singer and we all look forward to her regular spots, Alice gets involved in all the activities and along with a number of members is a member helper.



 Here’s what’s happening!


8th   Winshill Wednesday,  lovely quite evening calm night of low key activities, try out our new box of board games over 100 to play!

10th Sports night to get the extra pounds off !- craft night delights

17th Its Karaoke Night 

24th Curling and Crafts - After 7pm Bingo!

31st  Members Choice



1st Theatre trip to Theatre Royal

5th Winshill Wednesday, Valentine crafts, lovely quite evening calm night of low key activities, try out our new box of board games over 100 to play!

8th Quick Cricket & Darts-  Valentine crafts and After 7pm fun

14th Valentine night 

21st Sports night- darts, pool, skittle cricket after 7pm Quiz

28th Karaoke Night 




Trustee Profile


Each newsletter we will get a different trustee to write a bit about themselves, this Newsletter its Kim

I guess I am the longest serving trustee, involved from almost the beginning when Paul and Sue was looking for extra people Anne introduced me to Shoutout knowing my son has Autism. I loved it from the start and was the secretary, helped SDCVS set up Shoutout Charity, lots of back ground work for the years Sue and Paul was the front people. When Paul became ill and decided the Sea air would help him, and it has! I was asked to take on the role of chair, what a honour. I love my role and its not always easy and as a quiz you can guess how many hours a week other than club nights I spend doing Shoutout work for my Shoutout family, they are great!

About me, I am a wife, mum and grandma first (but don’t forget the dogs), I have been a business manager since I was 19, when I had my first hair salon, I went on to teach hairdressing, after having had to stop full time hairdressing due to a back complaint. I met Rob and helped build up businesses and these are varied! Recently, I was a district councillor and now I seem to have quite a lot of charity commitments!

I have been in South Derbyshire science 2000 before that just over the boarder in Ashby de la Zouch, but I have lived in a number of places. 

To end with dream big, because I did,  I was a lonely shy child who battled against my disabilities …….


Just to end …We are looking for anyone interested in volunteering with us, or willing to support on a trip.


FEEDBACK…We value feed back so please let us know any ideas or any trips or ideas for the Friday nights or Winshill Wednesday nights, its your club!



Shoutout number is 07850 666125, please remember only a real emergency after 9pm!


Our web site is


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