How much is it come each week?

Its £4 each week for Woodville and £2 for Winshill Wednesday 

Who can come? 

Any over 18 with any type of disability, physical or hidden. 

Is there a charge for any other activities? 

Shoutout runs many trips and mini-trips and there are additional charges for these activities.

Is there a charge for food and drinks? 

There is some free food but there is some food which is charged 

Is there a quiet area? 


Do I have to take part in everything which goes on? 

No, you can chose what things you want to do

What time does it start and finish? 

Starts at 6:00 and ends at 9:00 

Are there rules? 

All rules are available upon request 

Can my carer, PA or parent stay with me?

The choice is yours, they can stay with them, but it a safe environment if you want to come on your own

Can I park easily? 

There is a small car park at the Woodville Youth Centre